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Offering innovative and effective methods to encourage clients to be an active part of guiding the discussion of each session, while allowing for research-based techniques to reinforce positive change.

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Our office has evolved to provide you with an effective and comfortable Teletherapy experience. We will have meaningful discussion and be able to utilize interactive screen technology.

Women are almost twice as likely as men to have symptoms of depression. Not every woman experiences the same symptoms. Depression can be successfully treated.
Many factors contribute to higher rates of diagnosed anxiety in women, ranging from hormone fluctuations and brain chemistry, to differences in coping skills.
Women are juggling many roles, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, professional; and may be overwhelmed. This is called Role Overload. We offer help to repair and re-energize your relationships.
Women suffer a longer duration of symptoms and display more sensitivity to the trauma. Trauma effects often go undiagnosed.

Therapy For Professional Women

Women who have cultivated a professional career often face additional challenges to their male peers. Women have been found to work an almost 120-hour work week, when combining her career with that of her duties of managing a household. As equality in the workplace is progressing, so is the amount of stress to the female as she competes with the male counterpart. Stress management, conflict resolution, and work/life balance planning can be pivotal parts of an effective therapy. And of course, creating a healthy self-care awareness.

Therapy For Young Women (15-18)

Teens face new challenges as the world has been impacted by social media, cyber-bullies, and a pandemic. The stress of school, friends, family, dating, extracurricular activities, work, are just a few of the things that young women have to manage. I have had the experience of working with hundreds of teens who have become stressed out, often feeling anxious and depressed. Together we learn about emotional balance and how to better communicate our wants, needs and feelings with our parents. And to create a plan to better cope with these pressures in healthy and effective ways.V

Therapy For College And Graduate Students

When young women move away from the home for the first time and venture out to a college setting it is exciting. But the stress from being away from parents, and familiar surroundings can take a bit of time to adjust to. Stress from dating, studying, and self-management of daily living can become overwhelming. I have been an on-campus therapist for a University and am familiar with these struggles. I hope we can work together to create a plan of hope and growth for you during this transitional time in your life. Having a reliable, supportive time each week can lead to a brighter future, giving you a boost to achieve your goals.

Therapy For Women Experiencing Life Transitions

As we move through our life, we are novices to each stage. So, at any time we can feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed by challenges, such as dating, being rejected, sexual intimacy, becoming pregnant, being a wife, being a mother or a stepmother, aging, empty nest, divorce, death of a spouse… When these life events create distress for you, please contact this office for emotional support and sincere validation of your struggle. Remember that therapy is more than just talk, it is a chance for personal growth and sustainable positive change.

Valerie Lamke
Lead Counselor At INTRA Teletherapy

“My mission is to improve the quality of lives for women with behavioral and emotional challenges by providing exceptional mental health services using the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices, helping our clients become more encouraged, helpful, productive, and joyful."

Therapy That We Provide

Our licensed therapists have special training in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities. As we begin to understand your case, we will suggest the best course of treatment to fit your needs. Our office uses a unique and innovative client-centered approach to get the best results in each session.

DBT Therapy
DBT is a therapy method that validates the positive aspects of a person in treatment, rather than just focusing on the negative things that they are wanting to change.

Trauma-Focused care includes stabilization, trauma narrative and consolidation. Subjective Units of Distress Scale is a pivotal part of working on trauma issues.
Proven to be effective for problems including depression, anxiety disorders, and relationship problems.

It May Be Time For

Psychological Support

This is an office that specializes in the treatment of women. There are times in life when a woman can feel off balance and can’t seem to snap out of it. When our own natural support system just isn’t enough, it may be time to reach out to a professional counselor to start the process of therapy.

Our new office in Portland provides effective and reliable Teletherapy services for women. It has proven to be a very viable way to meet with clients.  During our sessions, we meet face-to-face, utilize the whiteboard and share important visual materials with you.  We recognize the importance of a good therapeutic relationship and strive to build a positive rapport, treating each client with respect and dignity.  This office now accepts Medicaid clients.

I’m grateful for the professional & compassionate care I received & for the guidance & help. So glad I was referred by my friend who said you were so helpful to her. Keep up the good work you do for so many!

— Elaine

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